Owl Remote Caddy Tutorial & Pattern – Michaels Fabric Line

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My last post was announcing that Michaels Stores would be carrying fabric as of June 28th. Using their fabric I made a zebra print Owl Remote Caddy Pillow. You can find the tutorial and pattern below.
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Fabric from Michaels
Here is the Pattern with all the layers. It was hand drawn and scanned but hopefully no one has any problems using it. You’ll notice a slight curve on the stomach area. This is an optional pattern if you want to use another layer to cover his belly. Just cut your main owl first then use the stomach template to cut your second fabric.
Owl Pattern  (Click Here) – 9 pages PDF format.
Print 100% do NOT scale to fit page, you want it to be the correct size.
The first 4 pages are the Owl’s body. Because it is so large I broke it into 4 pages to be printable on 8.5x11 paper, just match up the 4 sides and tape. After cutting your front, flip pattern over and cut another piece for the back (I forgot to put that on the Pattern PDF). The only piece I don’t have a template for is the pocket, it’s a simple rectangle. Measurements are on page 6.
Owl body should be 19” tall (tip of ears to bottom) and 15.75” wide along the bottom after printing.
2 Vertical55
1 vertical 2 horizontal
Step 1: Cut out your fabric pieces. I didn’t include yardage measurements since it’s just small scrap pieces mainly, be creative with your fabric, mix & match!
Step 2: Zigzag stitch the belly to the front of the owl body….if you opted to add a belly fabric, if not skip to next step
Step 3: Zigzag stitch the eyes on
4 horizontal
Step 4: Zigzag stitch the inside of eye on
Step 5: Zigzag stitch the eyelids
Step 6: Hand sew the buttons on. I used the largest size possible about 1.25”.
Step 7: Take your pocket piece, fold in half, line up along the sides and bottom of owl body. Stitch straight down the middle of it. This will make the divider for your two pockets.
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Step 8: Right sides together, sew the beak, feet and wings together using 1/4” seam allowance. Leave gap to turn
4 horizontal3
Step 9: Turn right sides out and stitch gaps closed. I did a bit of decorative stitching on the wings too.
2 Vertical4
Step 10: Lay your wings in place. Then place the owls back body piece right sides together with the front.
1 vertical 2 horizontal6
Step 11: Sew around the owl body edges using 1/4” seam allowance. Leave gap at the bottom to turn.
Step 12: Pin wings to the pockets with a simple hand stitch.
Step 13: On the bottom corners, stitch the corner closed form the inside. This will create a wide bottom to help owl sit up straight.
Step 14: Hand stitch on the beak and feet. Stuff with polyfill then hand stitch the bottom closed.
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