Getting ready for school–Morning Organization

By Saturday, August 17, 2013 ,

Hi, my name is Jessie and I DON’T do mornings… all. From the time I was in school to the time my children began, mornings are not my thing. Problem is neither is preparing for the next morning. Where most moms are on top of things getting ready for school the next day, I’m one of those scrambling to throw everything together at 6AM in full sleep zombie mode. Fixing school lunch is still a hot mess BUT I have managed to get a clothing system that works.

During the school year I keep all their uniforms/school clothes stacked in crates over the washer. This keeps me organized and it saves a bunch of time moving clothes to the closet just for them to be pulled right back out 4 days later. I always add the clean clothes to the bottom and that way I know everything is getting cycled.

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Last year I posted up the cute bookbag I ordered for my daughter from BenLovesBirdy. She also hooked my son up this year. They are upcycled Pottery Barn bags, such a great bargain.

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