Boutique Style Boot Socks Tutorial

By Monday, September 16, 2013

I’ve noticed cute ruffle top boot socks popping up in several Boutiques I frequent. They are just so easy to make that I couldn’t see spending $25-$30 for a pair.

new 2 Vertical

  • Knee High Socks (mine are from Target $2.50 pair)
  • 1-2 yards ruffle ($1/yd at Wal-Mart)
  • Small Buttons ($1)
  • Thread and Sewing Machine

NEW 4 horizontal

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1. Measure your leg where the ruffle will go while wearing pants. Mine was 14.5” but if yours is smaller/larger you’ll need to make sure to buy enough yards of ruffle. Add 3” onto that measurement for the extra piece of ruffle that is vertical on the sock.

I found a jar that was the same diameter as my leg measurement 14.5”. But if you don’t have one you can use your leg to pin/mark the ruffles, just be careful with the pins!

Turn the sock inside out/slide on jar. Pin the ruffles around and mark every 1-2” with a fabric pencil. The pins have a tendency to pop out once the sock is off the jar and scrunches up. So it’s helpful to have marks that you can match up while sewing.

NEW 4 hori44zontal

2. Carefully sew all around the sock making sure you match up the lines on the ruffles and sock. Zig-zag stitch works well. Stop sewing when you sew all the way around the sock. You’ll still have 3” of ruffle hanging off.

new 2 Ver456tical

3. Cut your sock where the ruffles meet and the 3” is hanging. Only cut far enough for the 3” to fit. You may need to stretch the sock out on your jar/leg to make sure you don’t over-cut.

new 2 Ve2345rtical

4. Pinch the 3” between the cut making sure the frayed edges are facing inside the sock. Sew it closed inside the sock using a zig-zag stitch.

new 2234555 Vertical

5. Hand sew on the buttons

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