Camera Wrist Strap Tutorial

By Wednesday, September 04, 2013 ,

My camera came with a neck strap but I prefer the wrist straps for compact cameras. Below is a quick tutorial on how to change your neck strap into a wrist strap.

NEW 4 horizontal

new 2 Vertical


  • 1”x8” piece of felt or other thick fabric
  • 2 – 1.75”x10” pieces of patterned fabric
  • D-Ring
  • Old Camera Strap (if not available most of the pieces can be found in Craft stores)

1. Cut your pieces out

new 1 vertical 2 horizontal

2. Lay your felt piece in the center of your patterned fabric about 1/8” from one of the ends.

new 1 vertical 2 horizonta3l

3. Fold and iron your patterned pieces edges all the way around approx 1/4”.

new 1 vertical 2 horizonta5l

new 1 vertical 2 h33orizontal

4. Lay your patterned pieces wrong sides together. Pin. Insert your nylon camera strap piece in the end where the felt is.

new 1 vertical 2 hori456zontal

new 1 vertical 25666 horizontal

5. Sew all the edges, go over your nylon strap end several times to secure it.

new 1 vertical 2 ho332rizontal

6. Insert your D-ring into the opposite side of where the nylon strap is. Fold it over and sew a few times to secure.

new 1 vertical

7. Install on your camera. If the nylon strap is too long, trim it and heat seal the end.