Stacked Hairbow Tutorial

By Sunday, September 22, 2013


NEW 44536 horizontal

new 2 Vertical


  • 6 – 19” long 1.5” wide strips of Ribbon
  • Spray adhesive
  • Feather clip (can usually be found near craft store bow supplies)
  • Barrette
  • Thread/Hot Glue Gun/Needle

new 2 Vertica44l

1. After cutting your 6 - 19” strips we’re going to glue the backs together that way you have 3 double sided 19” long ribbons. Spray a bit of adhesive, match the sides together and continue working down the ribbon until it’s all glued. Make sure to protect your work area since the adhesive is very hard to remove. Let dry.

NEW 4 horizontal

NEW 4 horizon55tal

2. Make a figure 8 with one piece of ribbon leaving approx 2” hanging off one end. May take a few tries to get the hang of it. Fold the center of the figure 8 ribbon a couple times then push a threaded needle through. Wrapping it around several times and pushing it back through to make sure the folds are secure. Do this with all three ribbons.

NEW 4 horizon5678tal

3. Clip your ends and put fray check on them (if needed).

4. Stack 2 ribbons together, hot glue them in the center. Then wrap thread around a few times to secure. Stack the 3rd ribbon on top of the other two following the same glue/thread technique. It’s a lot of ribbon and a bit heavy so you just want to keep going until you feel it’s secure enough.

5. Hot glue the barrette on the bottom of the bow. Then stitch it to the bow a few times using ribbon.

6. Glue/stitch the feather in the center.