Dachshund Applique Pillow Tutorial & Template

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I saw several cute Dachshund pillows on Pinterest recently and thought it would be a great time to attempt something I’ve never done before: Applique. I honestly had no idea how to even begin or if my machine would do it. After buying a free motion presser foot (thinking it was needed) and other misc items, I figured out that the simple zigzag stitch works just as well.
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  • 2 – 13”x23” pieces of fabric (for pillow)
  • Fabric for Applique
  • Fabric Glue
  • Thread (make sure it matches your applique)
  • Iron on Adhesive (to keep the applique still while sewing)
  • Tear away backing/Stitch N Tear (To keep fabric from wrinkling while appliqueing)
  • You can find the two items above either in precut bags or on bolts at most fabric stores
  • “Oskar the Weenie” template, Click here to download
  • Sewing Machine
  • Batting
  • Remnants of white/black fabric (eyes and nose)
  • Fray check
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new 1 vertical 2 horizontal4
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I began by drawing my dachshund on paper. Then scanned that into my computer. Using Adobe Illustrator made my template and printed it. If you can do this great! It opens lots of other crafting opportunities (like printing your own fabric). If you can’t that’s fine too. Just use what you draw on paper, works just as well.
NEW 4 horizontal5
Cut a piece of Iron-on transfer & applique fabric large enough for your template. Follow the iron-on transfer directions to adhere it to your applique fabric. Trace your template onto the paper side of the iron-on transfer (remember it needs to be traced backwards so that it faces the right direction when turned over). Cut your template out.
new 2 Vertical
Peel off the paper backing. Iron it onto your pillow fabric. This will keep it from moving while you’re stitching the edges down.
The three photos above show 1. The Stitch N Tear backing pinned to fabric 2. Appliqueing in process 3. Finished applique after tearing away the Stitch N Tear. The machine settings I used were: Zigzag .2 length 3.5 width. Just take your time. Go slow around the curves. This dachshund is my very first applique ever and I consider myself still in the beginning stages of learning how to sew. There were a couple places that the stitches weren’t tight enough and I had to go back over. It’s very easy as long as you take your time with it.
new 2 Vertical88
I cut the eyes and nose from extra fabric. Fray checked the edges then glued them using fabric adhesive. After this step place both sides of your pillow, right sides together, sew along the edges using 1/2” seam allowance. Leave a gap near bottom to stuff batting. Add batting and hand stitch closed.
new 2 Vertical87
I wanted woven labels just incase I ever sell something I’ve sewn. Most places were so expensive but found an Etsy seller that was fabulous and affordable. 500 labels for just $50 and they arrived faster than expected. I wasn’t paid or asked to put a review in for them just really wanted to share since they were so great! Their  Etsy Shop
new 2 Vertical9
NEW 4 horizo56ntal
And Oskar with his pillow…..something tells me he wasn’t all that impressed.