I Heart Door Hangers

By Sunday, October 20, 2013 ,

My obsession began after purchasing a simple Circle “G” door hanger from a local store. Then a photo of a Turkey hanger popped up on my Facebook news feed by an artist in my area. After that I was hooked. They are so cute and much easier to store than wreaths. Here are just a few I’ve collected so far:

new 2 Verti333cal

Alabama A: Doodle Dots

Candy Corn: Blue Pickle Designs

new 2 V45666ertical

Ornament was Custom order from Blue Pickle Designs     

Turkey: Local Artist but similar designs at Blue Pickle

new 123332 Vertical

You can’t see all the little details in a photo unfortunately. Love all the glitter!

Blue Pickle is currently working on a Paw and Custom Seahorse for me, check back to see those soon!

I store all my hangers in a 30” wreath bag separated with tissue paper.

NEW storage4 horizontal