Rolling Craft Center using Tool Box

By Friday, October 25, 2013

Saw this Original Pink Box Tool Chest and knew it was the answer to my current crafting dilemma. Although I have a huge closet with a built in desk, 99% of the time I’m crafting or sewing in the living room to keep an eye on the kids. I didn’t want a desk in the main room so I began looking for rolling storage. This popped up on Amazon and I was in love. It’s huge, this one is the 41” version. Close to 300 pounds but even when full I have no problems rolling it around the house. It comes with no-slip pads for the drawers so all my supplies stay put. The top is perfect for machine storage or they sell a smaller tool box to sit on top. My mom found a 5 drawer original pink box locally at Sears on sale. Once I saw hers I knew this was my early Christmas gift!

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All my vinyl supplies are in top drawer. I’m still working on tweaking the organization and getting a few acrylic bins for small items.

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Finally a place to put all my ribbon and the deep bottom drawer holds a whole tote full of fabric.

NEW 4 horizontal

I wasn’t sure it would all fit but surprisingly it did. Bottom drawer is great for taller items.

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