Seahorse Plushie Tutorial & Template

By Monday, October 28, 2013 ,

My daughter requested a seahorse for her birthday this year and provided me with a drawing. Using Illustrator I cleaned up her drawing and made it into a sewable pattern. Hopefully she approves.

new 1 66vertical

new 1 vertical

new 1 ve567rtical

  • Fabric
  • Button for Eyes
  • White fabric for Eyes
  • Fabric for fin
  • Thread
  • Fabric Glue
Begin by cutting out your template x2. Cut out eyes and fin x2 also.

new 2 Vertical

Fray check edges of eye. Glue to Seahorse. Sew Button on. Place right sides of fin together, stitch around 3 edges. Leave the bottom that will be stitched to seahorse open. Turn right side out.

new 2 Vertical3

new 2 Ve5rtical

new 2 Ve666rtical

Place seahorse right sides together. Insert fin in between the pieces. Sew around edges with 1/4” seam allowance. Leave gap on bottom of belly. Turn right side out, stuff with batting

new 2 Ver444tical

Stitch gap closed.