A Lazy Girl’s Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

By Monday, November 11, 2013 ,

Needed a new tree skirt this year but I wanted to use all my scrap fabric and for it to be a super easy/quick project. I only pulled out my measuring tape once…..that’s right one time. Everything else was traced.

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1.5 yards felt (mine was 72” wide)

3/4 yard for each triangle pattern you plan to use


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NEW 4 horizontal

Step 1: Cut your circle out of the felt: Fold the entire felt piece in half, then fold it in half again from the opposite ends. You should have your cut edges along the top/right side and uncut/folded edges along the bottom/left side. Cut a string that is 24” long, pin it or hold it to the bottom left corner (uncut edges). On the opposite end of the string hold a fabric pencil and mark on the fabric from top to bottom of the felt. You should get a nice curve. Cut along your line. Open and it’ll be a perfect 48” wide circle.

NEW 4 horizontal2

NEW 4 horizontal3

Step 2: Your Triangle pattern: Fold your felt circle in half once, then in half again and half it one final time. It should now look like a piece of Pizza. Use this to make a template for your top pieces. Cut a total of 8 triangles from whichever fabric you choose.

20131106-tree skirt

I planned my design using Photoshop beforehand.

NEW 4 horizontal4

My triangles weren’t all the same size since I was rushing. But once finished you can’t tell.

Step 3: Sew your Triangles together. Make sure you know how you want them laid out. Then put two pieces right sides together and stitch down one side. Continue doing this to all the pieces until they make a circle. If your center points don’t line up correctly don’t worry, that whole area will be cut later on. Just make sure the outer edges line up. This doesn’t have to be perfect. If you sew all your triangles together but find that the last pieces overlap too far just trim and sew (no one will notice I promise!).

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Step 4: Sew felt and triangles together: Lay the triangles and felt right side together. Sew around the outer edge using about .5” seam allowance. Make sure to leave a gap to turn. Turn, Sew gap closed.

NEW 4 horizontal24456678

NEW 4 horizontal444444

Step 5: Find the back side of your tree skirt. Cut a line along the intersection of two triangles all the way to the middle. Sew the cut edges closed. You could probably save time by making your gap, line to center and center hole all in the same area and sewing them once. I obviously wasn’t thinking very far ahead while doing mine lol.

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Step 6: Now here is where it gets a bit technical. Find a bowl, place it in the center, cut around it……Stitch closed (I used a zigzag stitch because I was just ready to be done with it) Smile