Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recipe Binder & Free Printable

I decided to organize my recipes after completing our handy new Magnetic Menu Board. It began with a few mis-matched binders that I covered with fabric (tutorial here). Then I began filling the inside:




Recipe card-1Recipe card-2Recipe card-3











Love my Dahle Cutter makes cutting so easy20130122-_MG_2644


Added labeled tabs on the side, still have a few more to add


How I store temporary recipes to try


Magnetic Menu Board Magnets stay inside recipe binder


Monday, January 21, 2013

Submit your PDF Form Request!

I’ve offered many PDF freebies on my site but I thought it would be fun to hear your ideas and requests. If you’re in need of a specific form for use with budgeting, household, organization etc. please leave a comment below. I’ll randomly select a few requests, design the PDFs and post them to the site next month, for free of course! All ideas welcome.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fabric Covered Binder Tutorial

I had three binders that were the same size but did not match. A bit of fabric and spray adhesive were the perfect solution to give these binders a fresh look.





  • Fabric
  • Spray Adhesive (I used Tree House brand from Hobby Lobby, it worked well but next time I’m going to try to find the 3M brand)
  • Binder
  • Martha Stewart vertical bookplates
  • Cardstock paper that matches fabric (Sprapbook section)
  • Tools: Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat, Paper or sheet to protect area from adhesive spray


Step 1: Iron fabric then lay binder over a section. Cut the fabric around the binder leaving 1/2”-1” hangover. Depending on the placement of your binder rings you may need to cut an extra strip for the center. Rotary cutting this is much easier than using scissors, but you can do it either way.

Step 2: Lay your binder/fabric on a surface that you don’t mind getting adhesive on. I used a large roll of pink paper.


Step 3: If you need to use a center strip apply it first. Spray adhesive on the wrong side of fabric then press and smooth in down beside the binder rings.

Step 4: Apply the fabric to outside of binder. Lay fabric wrong side up, spray adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric then place your binder in the center. Press the center of the binder to the fabric then lay down each binder flap. Check and make sure all wrinkles are smoothed out.


Step 5: Beginning in the center by the binder clips fold in fabric and glue edges to binder. Work your way to the end. Then fold in your side edges. You may need to apply more adhesive during this process.


Step 6: Cut cardstock to size and spray adhesive one side, then lay over the binder inside covering the fabric edges. Press everything firmly and let dry overnight.


Step 7: Add your bookplate to the spine of binder.


For the black binder I first covered it in white contact paper, so that the black wouldn’t be noticeable through the fabric.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Magnetic Menu Board

If you’ve spent anytime on Pinterest then you’ve probably stumbled across Magnetic Menu Boards before. It’s such a great idea and very simple to make. Paired with a Recipe Binder (which I’ll be posting next week) it makes meal planning a snap.




  • Magnetic Calendar
  • FREE Menu Magnet Printable: Download (These fit a calendar with 2” wide squares)

Menu Categories




I began by designing my labels (Downloads are above) in Adobe InDesign. Then printing out on Inkjet Magnetic Paper from my Epson Printer. Finally I cut out the labels by hand with scissors.

My menu board is conveniently inside my “Kitchen Drop Zone Cabinet”.



Check back soon for my Recipe Binder and Recipe Card Printable!

To organize the labels here are a couple options:

In a plastic divided container (Hobby Lobby usually carries them) or keep them in your Recipe Binder inside Baseball Card Sleeves.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reusable Refrigerator Liners

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t clean our refrigerator until it begins to embarrass me. With the kids now able to open the door it has taken on a whole new level of cruddy. Something had to be done to make it easier to clean so it would get done more frequently. I waited until we were in desperate need of groceries so there was less to drag out of the refrigerator. Gave everything a good scrub. Then began working on the liners.





Table cloth (Found mine at Goodwill $2, but you can find these vinyl table cloths almost anywhere)



I measured the shelves and cut the appropriate size from the table cloth x3. Then I cut an extra 3, this way if one liner gets dirty I pull it out to wash and replace it with the extra. I continued cutting liners for the drawers and cubbies along with extras.

* I have not had any problem with these molding from condensation since I make sure to change them out at least every couple weeks, though the door cubby liners have been left in for 4 weeks without any problems.

* These have not affected the operation of the refrigerator, works as great as it ever has.

* Our refrigerator has lots of light, if your refrigerator is dark maybe consider clear vinyl liners instead of a printed table cloth. 




Sunday, January 06, 2013

Medicine Dosage Reminder

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the whole family is sick! With all four of us fighting a cold it’s hard for me to remember who has taken what. Writing a chart on the bottle or box to keep up with the dosage is so very helpful.

Am/Pm layout for a 2x a day dosage. Every 6 hours put 2 AM and 2 PM slots, etc. Write the hour beside the check mark to help remember the time it was given.


Christmas Ornament Storage

How my Christmas ornaments are stored:

Bottom layer are all my round ornaments. I throw out the boxes they come in but keep the plastic inside divider. The dividers fit perfectly along the bottom of my tote. Next is a couple layers of paper and then I used a sock drawer organizer as a divider for the other ornaments. A few more layers of paper and the top portion is perfect for flat ornaments or stockings.


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