Sunday, May 19, 2013

Binder Giveaway

I’ve been feeling guilty for not blogging in the last couple months. We’ve been so busy with preparing to sell our house and tee ball that there hasn’t been time to craft anything. But to make up for it I’m offering a chance to win a set of the infamous blue binders from my Family Binder post. After reading all the comments from readers not able to find them I went to my local store and bought 3 to giveaway. One winner will receive all three. You can enter three times and come back each day to enter again by tweeting the giveaway. Good Luck!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Favorite Makeup Technique & Brushes

I'll be adding a "beauty" section soon. Here is a post to start it off.
Here are the brushes I use for my makeup application. I keep them in the order they are used. Although I’ve tried both Mac & Clinique brushes I’ve found that Sigma brushes are just as good if not better. Not to mention cheaper!
My skin type is normal with a T-zone that gets shiny after a few hours and during winter I have dryness on my cheeks. So I have a bit of everything going on. These liquid products work to moisturize without over doing it and the powders help keep my T-zone matte. Living in the south humidity and heat can melt off a liquid foundation within minutes. Powders just seem to work better for me personally. I also have under eye circles, puffiness (I’m a night owl) and redness so covering all that without having the “caked on” look is important.
1. Lotion (I use Aveeno facial products) – Mac brush 188
2. L'oreal Magic BB Cream (I love this BB Cream, it runs a bit dark though so might want to go a shade lighter)- Sigma Foundation F60
3. Concealer (Mac Select Cover up) - Sigma Concealer F70 - I usually just use this on small blemishes. The BB cream paired with powder covers extremely well for dark circles and redness, which are my two main problems.
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