Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Michaels Stores Fabric Launch

Have you heard? Michaels stores will soon be carrying fabric beginning June 28! Don’t know about you but this has been something I’ve looked forward to for a few years now since their store is right down the road. I’ve seen a small sampling of the fabric and it’s gorgeous. Expect a special craft next week using their new fabric.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick Tip - Tissue Box Toilet Paper Refill

A box of tissues doesn’t last long around my house so during cold season we have spare toilet paper rolls sitting everywhere. Yeah….. not something you want company to walk in and see. After we had a TP roll spring lose from the car one day and roll out into a parking lot I knew we had to find some way to cover them up. So into the empty tissue boxes they went and it actually works very well.

Hotdog Bun Dog Bed Tutorial

We have a weeny dog so it only made sense to make him a Hotdog Bun Bed. But whether or not you have a dachshund this bed is super snuggly. I recommend using a thicker fabric since you’ll probably need to wash it often and dogs are a bit rough on their beds. This bed will accommodate small and medium size dogs.

1 vertical 2 hodddrizontal

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dog Crate Cover Tutorial

Dogs love to feel cozy and covered but throwing a blanket over a kennel isn’t exactly stylish and premade covers run $40+…. ouch. I went all out with designer fabric, piping and buttons. Total cost was $20 so making your own is definitely worth the savings and it’s super easy to do.

2 Vertical

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