Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Ready for School–Names on Clothing

Last year I spent an obscene amount of time labeling my daughter’s clothes with a sharpie (Required for most Pre-K and under). However with my son and daughter in school this year I decided to get smart and go the easy route: iron ons. Usually I’d just DIY and print myself but I’m currently printer-less. So to Etsy I went and found a bunch of great options. I chose iron on labels. The real test is how they’ll handle weekly washings. Will update once they get a few baths. *UPDATE they hold on to shirts or soft fabrics great. However on jeans or khakis (stiff fabric) the edges tend to peel up. Will probably try to find a thin vinyl type layer next time.

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Getting Ready for School–Vinyl Names

Using my trusty Silhouette Cameo I added the kid’s names to their school binders and boxes.

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Step 1: Cut the names out on vinyl using the Silhouette software and weed the unwanted vinyl

Step 2: Place transfer tape over the top.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How I Store, Print and Backup my Photos

1. I Take a photo (during year 2013 *or whichever year it is*)

My two go to cameras are a Mark ii DSLR for serious photography then the Lumix LX7 as my day to day camera.



2. Then Upload to an External Hard Drive in “2013 Originals”  folder. Each month has it’s own folder inside the “2013 Originals” folder. “01-2013, 02-2013, etc”


The portable externals are so much easier to use. They only have one USB cord. 500GB is good for most people. I take around 3-5,000 photos a year so the 1tb is better for me.

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3. I Edit in Lightroom using the “2013 Catalog”. I don’t keep every photo. I try to keep photos for each event or photo shoot to under 30. Special vacations such as Disney require a bit more of course. Point is pick your favorites and photos that “tell the story”. 20 photos of a pink flower won’t mean anything to you years down the road.


I use Lightroom for 99% of my editing because it organizes and protects my originals plus it’s much faster for editing many photos quickly.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Owl Remote Caddy Tutorial & Pattern – Michaels Fabric Line

My last post was announcing that Michaels Stores would be carrying fabric as of June 28th. Using their fabric I made a zebra print Owl Remote Caddy Pillow. You can find the tutorial and pattern below.
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