Disney Autograph Pillowcase

By Wednesday, April 09, 2014

We’re currently planning a Disney trip for later in the year and it’s the perfect opportunity to try some of those Pinterest Disney projects I’ve seen floating around. First up was an autograph pillow. Last trip we used the autograph book but it was thrown in a box and never seen again once we made it home. However, the pillow looks like a better idea since it can sit out on a chair or the kid’s beds to enjoy year round.

Disney Pillow1

Instead of using a full size pillow I decided a throw pillow would be better so it isn’t used often or needing frequent washings. These are 14” throw pillow covers. They can be bought in some craft stores but I just found a Seller on Etsy who makes them. You could also make them if you have a sewing machine (unlike myself at the moment). I also grabbed up 2 3” Mickey head iron-on appliques from another Etsy seller. So all that was left on my end to do was iron the appliques on.
NEW 4 horizontal
Grab a pack of colorful fabric markers and a small piece of cardboard (for the characters to press down on while writing) and you’ll be ready to go! Another reason I chose the throw pillow size is that we won’t be taking a backpack this time (yay, no diapers!) and I needed it to fit into the kid’s waist packs.
Disney Pillow2