Traveling Tips

By Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I’m not a very organized traveler ……….actually I’m just a lazy traveler. When I pack it has to be simple. This usually means piling similar items all together because having 20 different bags or organizers to keep up with drives me crazy.
So if you’re like me the ‘Tupperware method’ may work well. I take all bath items, medicines, lotions, toothbrushes etc. and pile them into a large Tupperware container. I used to organize these items into individual pouches designed for travel but it was piled in the bottom of the luggage by the end of the trip (and usually leaking onto something). But this method has made it much easier to travel with my family of 4. We just pop the top, dig around and throw it all back in when done. Looks messy but it works great. It’s nice to not have to worry about anything pouring out in a bag somewhere too.

Another tip is to keep a couple coloring books and crayons in a storage clipboard. You can usually find them in the stationary section.  I keep 2 in my car for the kids and they love them. If we are taking a long trip a box of Legos is a great idea too. Just grab a plastic serving tray (can usually be found in the home/kitchen section of Wal-Mart or Target) and keep them in the car. They work great for the Legos or for snacks. I keep the trays behind the passenger/driver seats in the pocket on the back. Out of the way but within reach when needed.

We were stuck inside during our last vacation due to unexpected storms and if it weren’t for the box of Legos and coloring books the kids would have been climbing the walls. For older kids a deck of cards or board game works well too.