Updating a Vintage Train Case

By Thursday, May 08, 2014

This box once was blue with a floral blue liner, a bit of paint and retro fabric really helped freshen it up.

Begin by removing all the original liner. You’ll need plenty of elbow grease and a heavy duty scraper for the glue.
The way I measured the bottom and lid was by placing aluminum foil inside, drawing around the edges with a sharpie then removing the foil and cutting out the pattern. Doesn’t have to be perfect just make sure it covers the entire area.
Label your pattern pieces. I can’t give you a measurement of the fabric you’ll need since each box is different but my boxes didn’t use more than a yard each.
To secure the lid and bottom pieces use a spray adhesive. Start in the middle and slowly work your way to the outer edges making sure all the wrinkles are pressed out. When you get to the corners you’ll be left with a little piece sticking up, just glue one side and press it down.
Trim your corners with an x-acto knife if necessary.
For the middle part I used a sturdy felt to make sure the fabric would stay upright. Measure around the inside of the box and the height from the bottom to the top and this will give you the size felt/pattern fabric you’ll need. Add .5” to all sides of your patterned fabric so you’ll have enough to fold over your felt. I obviously had much more than .5” but it doesn’t matter since you won’t see this side. Stitch around all edges.
Make sure it fits then glue (I used a hot glue gun for this part), beginning in the back middle. Work your way around. If you have a tray holders then you may need to cut out holes with an x-acto knife.
glue middle
Use a hot glue gun to add decorative trim if needed. If you wish to paint the outside simply use masking tape to cover all the silver parts, then spray paint. I found these broaches and earrings from a local thrift store. Cut off the metal backs and glued them to the box. And don’t you just love this pin cushion? I borrowed it from my mom since all my craft supplies are in storage.
My daughter “organized” my jewelry box for me. She such a great helper *wink*