Kindermat Tutorial

By Monday, June 30, 2014

A couple years ago I posted this Nap Mat Tutorial. Those mats held up great through 2 years of school but my son requested a different fabric this year. So I wanted to find an easier way to make one. We’ll call this the “Lazy Crafter Nap Mat” and the old one can be the “Overachiever Nap Mat”.



Here is what you’ll need:

1 – 19”x45” Kindermat (available at most stores before school)

Nap Mat blanket (optional) 2 – 36”x36” pieces of minky. I reused the blanket from my old mat so follow the directions there is you need help making it.

Nap Mat Materials


First sew your pillow fabric and velcro to the nap mat cover



Then place nap mat right sides together, insert blanket (making sure it’s inside the mat). Stitch around sides and top, leave your velcro end unstitched and a gap to stuff your pillow.



Turn right side out. Stitch a line where your pillow and mat fabric meet. Stuff pillow and sew gap closed.


Place your strap fabric right sides together. Stitch around sides and one end, leave other end open to turn. Turn right side out. Top stitch around all the edges, when you get to your open end turn it under and stitch closed.


Place kindermat in cover and fold up. Wrap your strap around the mat and mark the bottom (bottom/feet end that lays on floor) where you’ll need to stitch it to the mat. Then mark where your velcro needs to go, make sure they will line up. I placed three velcro places on the strap that way it was easier on my son to close incase he doesn’t fold it as “tightly” as I can. Sew on the velcro, remove kindermat and sew the strap to the mat cover.


Iron on name if desired