Dog Sleep Sack Tutorial

By Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Sleep Sack Materials
This is a super simple sewing project. If you have a dog that loves to snuggle under the covers they will love you forever if you make them one of these!
Here are all my layers cut- Two 22”x37” Printed Flannel Pieces and Two 22”x37” Sherpa Pieces. I will be using a 1/2” seam allowance. Your measurements don’t have to be perfect, it’s a very forgiving project.
First we will need to place 1 – printed flannel & 1 Sherpa right sides together. The “flaps” at the opening will need to be stitched first. Below it shows how to stitch them. You will stitch across the narrow top edge and down each side 4.5”. Do these same steps for your second flannel/sherpa pieces.
Clip your corners. Below is what it looks like right sides out.
Now we need to stitch the whole thing together. Take your two pieces and lay them flannel to flannel/sherpa to sherpa. The pieces you stitched earlier will remain loose and a bit in the way, just take your time sewing. Sew around all the “Unsewn” edges leaving a gap at the bottom of the Sherpa to turn the sack right side out.
Here are the “flaps” they will NOT be sewn over. But try to get as close to them as possible when stitching around the sack edges.
Turn right side out through the gap you left. Then stitch it closed. Tuck the sherpa into the flannel and you are done!
I chose this size for a miniature dachshund. Increase the size for a larger dog.
And it isn’t complete without a label!