Kitchen Organization

By Tuesday, May 16, 2017 ,

A peak into a few of my kitchen cabinets & drawers. The way I organize my kitchen is pretty simple, there are only 2 rules:
  • The quickest way to access an item for cooking
  • The quickest way to unload and put away all the items from the dishwasher
I have 4 main drawers in the kitchen. I spliced together different dividing trays that have worked best over the years. Besides my large tupperware drawer this is the only drawer style storage there is.
  • Drawer 1: Mittens, eating utensils and small measuring spoons (1 cup and below)
  • Drawer 2: Sharp Objects, Knives, graters, corn cob holders, scissors etc.
  • Drawer 3: Cooking utensils and odd/ends. You’ll notice this drawer has no dividers. Reason being I like to toss all the items straight in from the dishwasher. They are all large enough that I don’t need to divide them.
  • Drawer 4: Baking….. Blender, cookie cutters, spatulas, whisks, etc.
These truly are all the drawers I felt we needed when I designed the kitchen. Our first house had a drawer for everything. I found that compacting it down just functions better for us.
20150509-_MG_4560 KO1
Above: Corner cabinet is a lazy susan. It holds the larger items: crock pot, large pitchers, cast iron skillets. The cabinet to the right of the stove is just for pots. Last time I had a drawer for pots and hated it. Now all our pots hang from hooks and are so much easier to access. In the upper glass cabinets I have our eating dishes on the bottom shelf but everything above is purely decorative. Not having space for a china cabinet I had to improvise. Either side of the range is a pull out spice cabinet.
Above right: Next to my 4 drawers is a “baking cabinet”. My pans go above the refrigerator but all the glassware goes into this cabinet. Along with bowls and measuring cups. Everything used once a year or so is in the back and the weekly items up front.
Above: Cabinet above the refrigerator holds all our pans. I wasn’t sure how I would like this being 5’2” but have used it almost daily and so far no problems. Much easier than having them stacked in a drawer.
My mom gave me her old Lenox china. It’s just a few pieces but probably the nicest plates I’ll ever own so they have a couple shelves all to themselves. I always wanted glass cabinets in my kitchen. Obviously, I’m not the best at arranging the items inside to look magazine worthy but still glad to finally have them for displaying items.
My spice racks. Still working to organize and label all the jars. Used chalkboard vinyl and a white oil based paint sharpie. Jars are from Hobby Lobby. They work well enough, though I obviously bought them for their look more than function!
Below: My Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer. Well worth the extra space it requires. I placed a double hook on the side and used silicone lids to save space. My old pot lids are still in the cabinet until I am 100% sure the silicone will work for all our needs
Above: We placed all the outlets underneath the cabinets then added a 2” light rail to hide them. It was quite a challenge since my electrician had never done it before and all the standard wall boxes were bright blue. Eventually I found these at Home Depot, believe they are for running electrical on the outside of walls. We simply tweaked the box to work for our purposes. I love that the backsplash is seamless without any ugly outlets.
Below: We had a space in the wall next to the kitchen bar. It would have been useless otherwise but we added an appliance garage and now it’s one of my favorite features.