Pet Closet Bedroom Under Stairs

By Tuesday, May 05, 2015 ,


It’s been two years since we lost our sweet Oskar after a car wreck. Dealing with the wreck itself and the loss of our precious Oskar was hard on the kids. They finally decided that they were ready to have another pet this summer. We’ve been getting “Copper’s” room ready. We have a room under our stairs that is inside the laundry room. I moved everything out of it into the garage so he would have a place to call his own. The wall decal is from Gecko on Amazon: Modern Dog House Decal



Obviously my first color choice Sherwin Williams “Swimming” was a major flop. We went back and tried “Cloudless” much better. If you mess up on your paint color it’s worth the effort to fix it!


I don’t have a tutorial for the box because we literally winged it. I cut the bottom piece out of an extra shelf we had 24”x36”. Then we had leftover barnwood 12” wide and cut it to match up. Used finishing nails to hammer it together. The front board is 5” high. Sanded and sanded and sanded until it was smooth. Added handles and some plastic “feet” and it is done. My only other plans are to put a liner on the bottom under his cushion incase of accidents.


I sewed two pieces of fleece together and stuffed it with batting. Making sure it wasn’t too big to go into the washing machine. It also matches his Sleep Sack!

I still plan to add a few more decals and misc d├ęcor.