Master Bedroom: Work in Progress

By Friday, July 10, 2015

UPDATE: Added Drapes. Wasn’t sure about this but since the drapes were just sitting in my attic collecting dust I decided it was worth a shot. Bought 2 – $1 metal curtain rods and tada! What a difference they made!



Here is our Master Bedroom. It’s still very much “under construction” but had to share! I wanted a neutral base with pops of color. The butterfly print was the inspiration for all the colors.

My favorite part of the room is the barnwood headboard which was made from wood brought down from Georgia by our cousin. I’m still trying to decide what to place over the bed. A JuJu hat would be the ideal decoration in my mind but at over $300 or $150 DIY it’s still a bit more than I want to spend. Currently looking into alternatives and any suggestions are welcome!

The bed is a platform Stratton from Pottery Barn. Lights are from Lowes or Home Depot. Was quite a challenge getting them installed so close to the windows. Our electrician thought I was nuts…. but they work much better than table lamps IMHO. I didn’t want a ceiling fan but in the South it is pretty much a requirement. We installed the floating nightstands using corbels and 1x12 board. Will have a tutorial up asap. Bedding is Lush. Yellow back pillows I made from polka dot upholstery fabric. Safavieh Bench from Amazon. Mirror is from Target but easier to find at Ballard Design. I used the large basket under the nightstands to store our cords and hide the outlets.

Future Plans: Something over the bed. Nightstand d├ęcor, rug (once the puppy is house broken). Tossing the idea around for adding a valance over the windows. Electric Fireplace on wall facing bed. Update ceiling fan to one more decorative.

Bedroom Decor

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