Etched Casserole Dish Tutorial

By Wednesday, September 13, 2017 ,

Using a Silhouette Cameo I cut out my design in vinyl. After weeding the area I wanted to be etched I applied clear transfer vinyl.
Positioned the design on the casserole dish and carefully removed the transfer vinyl. Make sure your dish is clean of lint or food so the etching cream can get to the glass.
Using Armour Etch Cream I applied a thick layer all over the design. Tip #1 use gloves and eye protection in a ventilated area #2 Cover the areas of the glass you don’t want etching, this is strong stuff and I’ve had it etch several inches from where I placed the cream #3 Reuse it! It’s not cheap so scrape it back up and put it back in the jar for next time.
Wash the cream off and remove vinyl. They make perfect gifts! Fill with other kitchen goodies and wrap in a large bow.