Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freebie: 4 Return Address Stamp Photoshop Files

Envelope Graphic

Below are 4 links to download FREE PSD (photoshop) files for making your own return address stamps. I love updating my stamp every couple of years. If you purchase the self-inking stamp then all you’ll need to do is replace the plastic on the bottom if you decide to change your design. The replacement plastics are usually under $5. Self-inking stamps can be found almost anywhere online or locally. You can also use wood block stamps, I just prefer to convenience of a self inking.


The PSD files are for a 1.5” round stamp. Dropbox download. If you don’t have the fonts used it should tell you the font name when you first click on the text. Google the name and they should come up as free download, or change them up to your favorite fonts.

     Dimplicity Free Stamp 2Dimplicity Free Stamp 3Dimplicity Free Stamp 4Dimplicity Free Stamp

Monday, May 11, 2015

Kitchen Organization

A peak into a few of my kitchen cabinets & drawers. The way I organize my kitchen is pretty simple, there are only 2 rules:

  • The quickest way to access an item for cooking
  • The quickest way to unload and put away all the items from the dishwasher


I have 4 main drawers in the kitchen. I spliced together different dividing trays that have worked best over the years. Besides my large tupperware drawer this is the only drawer style storage there is.

  • Drawer 1: Mittens, eating utensils and small measuring spoons (1 cup and below)
  • Drawer 2: Sharp Objects, Knives, graters, corn cob holders, scissors etc.
  • Drawer 3: Cooking utensils and odd/ends. You’ll notice this drawer has no dividers. Reason being I like to toss all the items straight in from the dishwasher. They are all large enough that I don’t need to divide them.
  • Drawer 4: Baking….. Blender, cookie cutters, spatulas, whisks, etc.

These truly are all the drawers I felt we needed when I designed the kitchen. Our first house had a drawer for everything. I found that compacting it down just functions better for us.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pet Closet Bedroom Under Stairs


It’s been two years since we lost our sweet Oskar after a car wreck. Dealing with the wreck itself and the loss of our precious Oskar was hard on the kids. They finally decided that they were ready to have another pet this summer. We’ve been getting “Copper’s” room ready. We have a room under our stairs that is inside the laundry room. I moved everything out of it into the garage so he would have a place to call his own. The wall decal is from Gecko on Amazon: Modern Dog House Decal


House Construction & Tour


Warning: This post has around 75 photos, may take a while to load. Here are a few photos of our house during and after construction along with several tips to make things go smoothly.

We are still in the process of moving in and getting settled but glad to finally be “home”. We contracted our house out ourselves. Meaning there was no builder to handle anything for us. It is a lot of work but worth it for the savings $$$ if you have the time and patience.

My husband had to pick the house location in a heavily wooded piece of land. Once we had the area cleared it contained several major challenges. The entire piece was on a deep slope. So we had to move dirt around to level off an area. Preferably you want to build on land that is flat and requires very little tweaking. But once we cleared off that area and paid the crew it wasn’t feasible to find another location. Luckily, we had a great team and Mr. David was able to smooth out the slope to a manageable pitch and create paths for excess water to flow away from the house.

Hay is your best friend during construction! Use it all around the house from the very beginning, especially if you’re building during rain season.



Framing & Sheetrock


I used tape to mark all my outlets, media and electrical components. Pink for outlets, green media and orange for misc/lights. With a custom home you have to be hands on and every detail preplanned. Think about where you want to charge your phones, tv locations, lighting (functional and accent) and you can never have enough outlets….ever.

I also made sure to place extra studs were my tub edges are so that the heavy frameless shower doors would have a solid piece to bolt to. You’ll see several shelves between studs, those were eventually made into built in shelves for the shower (no more flimsy metal rack hanging from the shower heads!). I also placed a board to mount a grab bar too later so it would have a solid piece to mount to.

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