Using a Silhouette Cameo I cut out my design in vinyl. After weeding the area I wanted to be etched I applied clear transfer vinyl.
Was tired of chasing a dryer sheet box around my laundry counter. Installed this in wall tissue holder (Moen Tissue Box) for dryer sheets and it works great! 

  • Fabric (make sure you have enough to cover sides\top + some extra for the bottom)
  • Foam (I used 4" thick) they cut it to exact size of my space at the fabric store
  • Board cut to exact size of your space (I used 3/4" plywood left over from a project)

Yes, I had a helper!
This is such any easy project. Lay your fabric face down (then remove the dog's chew toy :) ) place your foam and board on top.
Christmas I was given a Kate Spade Wellesley planner. I am in Love! Below are a link to a few inserts/dividers I’ve made for myself. Enjoy!

(I added my name to the first divider, you can do this also with any photo editing program)
Here is a PDF Bills List that you can type directly on to. Fill in the bubbles each month you make a payment or transfer money into savings (for those annual bills). Top tab is optional, cut off if not needed. Size is 3.75”x6’75” for personal sized planners. Download here

Here are a set of 12 monthly dividers, 3.75”x6.75” personal size. Laminate for more durability! Download Here

A peak into a few of my kitchen cabinets & drawers. The way I organize my kitchen is pretty simple, there are only 2 rules:
  • The quickest way to access an item for cooking
  • The quickest way to unload and put away all the items from the dishwasher
I have 4 main drawers in the kitchen. I spliced together different dividing trays that have worked best over the years. Besides my large tupperware drawer this is the only drawer style storage there is.
  • Drawer 1: Mittens, eating utensils and small measuring spoons (1 cup and below)
  • Drawer 2: Sharp Objects, Knives, graters, corn cob holders, scissors etc.
  • Drawer 3: Cooking utensils and odd/ends. You’ll notice this drawer has no dividers. Reason being I like to toss all the items straight in from the dishwasher. They are all large enough that I don’t need to divide them.
  • Drawer 4: Baking….. Blender, cookie cutters, spatulas, whisks, etc.
These truly are all the drawers I felt we needed when I designed the kitchen. Our first house had a drawer for everything. I found that compacting it down just functions better for us.

Sleep Sack Materials
This is a super simple sewing project. If you have a dog that loves to snuggle under the covers they will love you forever if you make them one of these!
Here are all my layers cut- Two 22”x37” Printed Flannel Pieces and Two 22”x37” Sherpa Pieces. I will be using a 1/2” seam allowance. Your measurements don’t have to be perfect, it’s a very forgiving project.

Quick Tip: Use a Command Cord Bundlers to hide your mixer cord!
12x12 Storage Boxes used for vinyl storage

Anchor Hocking Jars filled with Gumballs, Cookies & Cupcake Liners. “Cupcakes, Cookies, Candy” cut out of metallic Vinyl. Silicone around the lid to help keep air out.