Kindermat Tutorial

A couple years ago I posted this Nap Mat Tutorial. Those mats held up great through 2 years of school but my son requested a different fabric this year. So I wanted to find an easier way to make one. We’ll call this the “Lazy Crafter Nap Mat” and the old one can be the “Overachiever Nap Mat”.



Here is what you’ll need:

1 – 19”x45” Kindermat (available at most stores before school)

Nap Mat blanket (optional) 2 – 36”x36” pieces of minky. I reused the blanket from my old mat so follow the directions there is you need help making it.

Nap Mat Materials

Spice Jar Chalkboard Labels


Found new spice jars at Hobby Lobby that I just had to have. But didn’t want to go through the process of relabeling them using vinyl like I did before in this post. So instead I kept it simple: Jars (Hobby Lobby), Chalkboard Vinyl (Expressions Vinyl . com), Decorative Punch (Hobby Lobby) & White Oil Sharpie (Walmart). Punch out your chalkboard vinyl, write on it using your Sharpie, removing backing and stick to jar.

Updating a Vintage Train Case

This box once was blue with a floral blue liner, a bit of paint and retro fabric really helped freshen it up.

Traveling Tips

I’m not a very organized traveler ……….actually I’m just a lazy traveler. When I pack it has to be simple. This usually means piling similar items all together because having 20 different bags or organizers to keep up with drives me crazy.
So if you’re like me the ‘Tupperware method’ may work well. I take all bath items, medicines, lotions, toothbrushes etc. and pile them into a large Tupperware container. I used to organize these items into individual pouches designed for travel but it was piled in the bottom of the luggage by the end of the trip (and usually leaking onto something). But this method has made it much easier to travel with my family of 4. We just pop the top, dig around and throw it all back in when done. Looks messy but it works great. It’s nice to not have to worry about anything pouring out in a bag somewhere too.

Disney Autograph Pillowcase

We’re currently planning a Disney trip for later in the year and it’s the perfect opportunity to try some of those Pinterest Disney projects I’ve seen floating around. First up was an autograph pillow. Last trip we used the autograph book but it was thrown in a box and never seen again once we made it home. However, the pillow looks like a better idea since it can sit out on a chair or the kid’s beds to enjoy year round.
Disney Pillow1

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