Was tired of chasing a dryer sheet box around my laundry counter. Installed this in wall tissue holder (Moen Tissue Box) for dryer sheets and it works great! 

  • Fabric (make sure you have enough to cover sides\top + some extra for the bottom)
  • Foam (I used 4" thick) they cut it to exact size of my space at the fabric store
  • Board cut to exact size of your space (I used 3/4" plywood left over from a project)

Yes, I had a helper!
This is such any easy project. Lay your fabric face down (then remove the dog's chew toy :) ) place your foam and board on top.
Christmas I was given a Kate Spade Wellesley planner. I am in Love! Below are a link to a few inserts/dividers I’ve made for myself. Enjoy!

(I added my name to the first divider, you can do this also with any photo editing program)
Here is a PDF Bills List that you can type directly on to. Fill in the bubbles each month you make a payment or transfer money into savings (for those annual bills). Top tab is optional, cut off if not needed. Size is 3.75”x6’75” for personal sized planners. Download here

Here are a set of 12 monthly dividers, 3.75”x6.75” personal size. Laminate for more durability! Download Here



Using a Silhouette Cameo I cut out my design in vinyl. After weeding the area I wanted to be etched I applied clear transfer vinyl.


Anchor Hocking Jars filled with Gumballs, Cookies & Cupcake Liners. “Cupcakes, Cookies, Candy” cut out of metallic Vinyl. Silicone around the lid to help keep air out.



At the end of each school year we are left with droopy cardboard Crayon boxes half emptied of crayons. Solution? Bought a plastic tote (this one is from Walmart) and reused the white cardboard inserts.

















Quick Tip: Use a Command Cord Bundlers to hide your mixer cord!


A Grocery List PDF Printable. You can type directly onto the file! Click photo to download.

Grocery List2-1

Dimplicity Posters

Another day, Another Freebie! I made these posters for my laundry room and wanted to share! They are 24x36 and print wonderfully from Vista Print. Download links: So Clean, Pinch Me, Launder On


Dimplicity posters 2