Yearly Blurb Books

By Friday, May 18, 2012 ,

Every year I make a Blurb book that contains all my photos from that year. This serves as my coffee table album 1. Because it takes up a lot less space than print albums 2. I prefer my hard copy prints be stored in a fireproof safe just in case. They're fairly simple to make, there is a program on the website ( so you can design your own. Although if you have any graphic knowledge and Indesign you can install a plugin and design from that software. A few other blurb book examples can be found in my pinterest board:

For our Heritage album I scanned a genealogy chart my mother created. Every person has a number and I made sure to place the number in the photo captions for easy reference. This book was by far the biggest undertaking since I had to scan all the old photos & add captions. But it was well worth the effort to have something to pass on to the kids.